Interior Visual Merchandising

Merchandising is so much more than the arrangement of products. To catch the eye of your potential customer, your display can hold the key. Set the scene, tell a story, make them laugh or cause them to stare – it’s about creating an emotional response from your customer. When a customer understands your product and is drawn to your brand, there is a direct impact on your sales. Cultivating this emotional tie creates buzz around your brand and products, facilitating more sales. Think creatively and strategically in your visual merchandising, and partner with Visual Impressions for success.


Custom Retail Programs

Need to add visually stunning art, logos, images or information to your interior displays? Visual Impressions works with you to construct custom retail programs to best maximize your displays. From convenience stores to specialty retailers, we have experience in a variety of industries and products.

We learn your objectives and formulate a plan to create brand awareness. Color, art, logos, verbiage and images come together to create an aesthetically pleasing as well as an impactful message resonating with your customers long after they leave your location.


Point of Purchase

In conjunction with a custom retail program or as stand alones, Visual Impressions designs striking POP displays. Draw in customers to increase sales. Promote specials, new products or seasonal/holiday offerings.


Retail Rollouts

Opening a new location? Need specific rollout materials that showcase your brand? Visual Impressions can deliver any visual merchandising and signage items you need for each rollout – on demand! We capture color, logo, images and brand to ensure your opening day is a success.

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