The ROI on Digital Merchandising

Digital Merchandising allows you to engage your customer, empower them with information and imprint your brand. With digital merchandising, you have the power to integrate this execution into your marketing communications mix.

The Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau formulated three factors in determining ROI on digital merchandising:

  1. Presence – the consumers within the zone
  2. Notice – those within the zone that notice the signage
  3. Dwell Time – how long the consumers spend looking at the signage


In maximizing these factors, retailers and providers should consider context, brevity and location. When considering context, think about who is viewing the message, where they are and what they are doing to better target your intended audience to illicit the response you desire. Attention spans have become increasingly short so the message should be concise. If it takes more than 30 seconds to call to action or deliver your intended message then you have probably already lost your audience. Location is a key element – it should not interrupt the natural flow but must be an area where traffic is continuous.

There has been some research conducted on digital merchandising; however, because it is a new media and has not traditionally been a part of media buying, the results are still must be replicated. The following are data points proven to validate the positive ROI of digital merchandising:


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