Why Go Digital?

Digital menu boards can boost your bottom line in more ways than increasing sales!

Sales Go Up - Queue Lines Go Down

Our research and case studies consistently demonstrate a 20-30% increase in sales, and these are not sudden spikes that then level off. These increases occur because you are steering your customer toward what you want them to purchase with dynamic and engaging content. The first question we ask any new customer: What do you want your customers to buy? We create content based on idea. Increases occur from selling more of higher margin items and upsells like combos. This engagement also allows customers to order more quickly and even if the line is long, customers perceived wait time is less than actual.

The Value of Time

Time may be an even greater currency than money. Efficiency yields savings. Text and pricing changes can be made instantly. No more time spent on handwriting changes or ordering new menu boards. Our user interface is intuitive and easy to change. Change menus or specials daily? Not an issue. We can customize your interface to allow you to enter in two, three or four week rotations. Enter it in once per rotation; not every day.

Do More with Digital

Use your menu boards for more than just your menu. Inform customers on your brand, loyalty program or special events. With digital menu boards, you have the ability to multiply your messages using the same amount of space - not possible with printed boards! You can also schedule different menus at different times or different messages to best target audiences.

Green Rewards

The monitors and equipment we utilize are energy efficient. The overall reduction of your carbon footprint is further realized with no trees or raw materials being used and no landfill waste. Eliminating printed menu boards allows for an overall cost and waste reduction over time.

What our Customers are Saying: 

"Our Bar Sales Have Doubled!"  Salsarita's Franchise Owner after adding Happy Hour Content to Menu Board
"Lines at our checkout are moving significantly faster." Cafeteria Retail Manager
"We are so thankful that you and your team are available for us to call upon and are so willing to help us." Food Service Manager

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